Financial Meltdown in the Mainline?

by Loren B. Mead. The Alban Institute, 1998.

This book sets out dramatic and compelling challenges for today’s churches. It addresses changing church giving patterns; the inconsistent ways congregations keep financial records; the lack of short- and long-range planning; the need for knowledge of sound financial techniques; an over-reliance on "restructuring" to fix problems; and lack of defensive planning for operational costs. It urges congregations to direct attention to their dwindling financial resources, and it offers principles for rebuilding the financial condition of congregations. It then connects the financial crisis in the churches to a spiritual crisis in the country—an addiction to money and the reluctance of congregations to address talk about it. As the dramatic title makes clear, this book does not pull its punches, and provides much food for thought for those who hope for better in our religious institutions.