Find A Niche And Scratch It: Marketing Your Congregation

by Robert Perry. The Alban Institute, 2003.

What’s your church’s niche? Robert Perry shows how churches can use the concept of "niche marketing" in the secular business world to reach certain segments of the population with a ministry that meets their needs and encourages them to embrace the Christian faith.

In order to do this, a church might identify its strengths, discover the unmet needs of a particular (or "niche") group, become familiar with that group, be creative in meeting those needs, and take the ministry to the people. The authors explain a number of research methods for developing an effective outreach program: developing inside and outside focus groups, conducting personal interviews, engaging in observational research, reviewing existing records, geocoding, creating graphs and charts, formulating questionnaires, storytelling, surveying by telephone, and studying demographics.

This practical book would be an excellent resource for a church of any size that wants to step beyond its walls and reach a neglected segment of its surrounding population.