Finding Common Ground: How to Communicate With Those Outside the Christian Community ... While We Still Can

by Tim Downs . Moody Publishers, 1999.

In a world that’s growing more hostile to the gospel, what can Christians do?  How can we communicate with our unbelieving friends and coworkers in a way that won’t seem pushy, intolerant, or judgmental?  In a world that’s heard it all before and no longer seems to care, where do we begin? 
By sowing.
In Finding Common Ground, Tim Downs reminds us of the forgotten biblical art of sowing and shows us practical and effective ways to: 
• Bring up spiritual subjects with busy and distracted people
• Use secular movies and book to talk about biblical ideas
• Overcome prejudice and stereotypes in our listeners
• Keep open doors of communication with even hostile opponents
• Move everyone we meet a step closer to the gospel
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