FindSounds Palette

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FindSounds Palette is the ultimate software program for finding sounds! Its WebPalette feature provides greater access to sounds on the Web than, and its MyPalette feature makes it easy to organize and search your own sound collection.

You can search for audio files by name, description, category, genre, source, copyright, format, size, number of channels, resolution, sample rate, duration, key, and tempo. In addition, for any example sound, a sounds-like search can automatically find similar sounds on the Web and in your sound collection.

Preview sounds quickly with the Comparisonics waveform display. Audition sounds using the built-in audio player. Record your own sounds with the built-in audio recorder.

With Version 2 of FindSounds Palette, you can now edit sounds as well. Editing operations include cut, copy, paste, mix, delete, fade, adjust volume, undo, and redo. The colorful Comparisonics waveform display helps you to "see" what you are editing.

Hollywood sound designers know well that useful and interesting sounds can be obtained by changing the playback speed of an audio recording. FindSounds Palette makes it easy to change speed, and for each audio file in your collection, the sounds of 25 different speeds may be searched. This turns a collection of 10,000 audio files into a searchable database of 250,000 sounds!

You can also search audio files on the Web at multiple speeds, which gives you access to an enormous and growing collection of 1,000,000+ sounds!

FindSounds Palette Version 2 is currently available for Microsoft Windows and supports audio files in WAVE, AU, and AIFF uncompressed and mu-law compressed formats.