Firm Foundations: An Architect And A Pastor Guide Your Church Construction

by Lance Moore N.C.A.R.B., Daniel Michal D.Min.. CSS Publishing Company, 1999.

'Firm Foundations' is the sure antidote to the headaches evoked by the phrase, "building project." Pastor Lance Moore and architect Daniel Michal offer a comprehensive guide to church construction projects. Whether a church is considering remodeling, adding on, or starting from scratch, little is left uncovered by this guide.

With obvious experience behind them, the authors detail all aspects of a building project—from initial idea to final dedication service. Included is every step in between—from committee formation to fundraising to sanctuary design to sound equipment to the punch list to the kitchen sink. Yet there is no devil in the details; the guide is highly readable and avoids technical language. The authors are also aware that building takes place in many different contexts—small, medium and mega churches in Pentecostal, liturgical, and free systems—and offer advice that is adaptable to all. The guide is also permeated by humor and the knowing wink that only another pastor could fully appreciate.

This guide is eminently useful for any pastor, building committee, or leadership group who wants a head start on understanding the building process. It includes sample letters to the congregation, memorial giving policies, checklists for church furnishings, and other practical tools that will save time and headaches.