Focus Your Vision With Dewitt Jones

Dewitt Jones. Dvd. :20. Star Thrower, 2003.

Resource used for 2007 Life Together: Thinking and Acting Strategically- Major Grants Initiative. Recommended in "Discover the Vision" category.

In this video, Dewitt Jones encourages viewers, both individuals and organizations, to keep focused on their vision so that they can realize their potential. The key concepts in the program include: slow down to stop, look, and listen to discover what we want; use our intellect to determine what is really important; trust our intuition to feel what we really need; take risks and expand our options to help us reach our vision; make our visions big enough so we can be open to what wants to happen. This video is accompanied by the following supplemental resources: a CD with powerpoint presentations and a transcript of the video; a leader's guide; a workbook for particpants; and reminder cards printed with the key concepts. While this program is not targeted toward religious organizations, congregations exploring and/or re-visiting their understanding of their vision will find here ample ideas to discuss in their own theological contexts. (From Life Together Resources You Can Use, Fall '07 Edition.)

NOTE: The video as been replaced by a DVD, and the CD now contains the PowerPoint Presentations, Video transcript, Vision Analysis, Leader Guide, and Workbook.
Download the files at, login: Vision, password: FYV2007.

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