From A to Z on Church Building and Remodeling

by Paul Spite. AFD Consulting, 1997.

Pastors whose churches are approaching building or remodeling projects probably wish they could take a crash course on the fundamentals. Instead, let them look to this source, written by a design architect, which provides a succinct journey through the whole process. To choose the best option, the author provides a list of questions so churches can examine all the variables before deciding whether to add on, renovate, purchase another facility, or build anew. More questions and lists of information are given concerning land development and costs involved if purchasing and building are chosen. The author suggests ways to discover available human and financial resources, as well as how to choose architects and contractors. Practical considerations for both interior and exterior details are spelled out, including lists for space requirements, charts on all kinds of finishes, and sound system requirements. A glossary is included to help define common terms used in construction. The fifty-page appendix has sample forms related to congregational needs assessment, design contracts, mortgage comparison chart, bids and pricing, and contractor-related forms. This source is an easy-to-understand primer for navigating the building process.