Garfield Leadership & Management Development Services

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Completed 2012 survey -- attached here

From 2012 Survey
Experience: 25+ yrs for orgs; 10+ yrs for congregations

Specialties: "Clergy and staff coaching; board team building; managing conflict through appreciative inquiry; managing change and transition; clergy leadership; interims; size transitions; program evaluation, change and development;

Size Congregations: less than 100 to over 2000

Regions: all of Indiana

Jerry Garfield, Leadership and Organizational Development, was interviewed in 2005 as a part of the center's strategic planning approach assessment. For further information, contact Nancy DeMott.
I am very engaged with synagogue work. And, I continue to enjoy contact with my former Alban colleagues, particularly Bob Leventhal and Speed (who lives nearby). It's important work and if economics can't make it work, determination can!

I'm doing a good deal of strategic planning and visioning with congregations: Orthodox, Reform and Conservative synagouges as well as churches and a UU seminary. In fact, planning/visioning and clergy coaching have been my key congregational consulting work over the past three years. So, I am very interested in hearing more about consulting needs in Indy. In fact, I will be in Indy in a few days! My son graduates from Earlham College this Saturday. I fly in and out of Indy: Friday/Sunday. I could meet with you and/or others Sunday morning! How's that for availability??

As for your research, I am very interested in hearing more about it.

Finally, to round out the context, congregational consulting makes up about 30% of my total work. The other 70% is with government entities, private business, and nonprofits. I've been doing that consulting for more than 25 years. It takes me across the country and focuses on strategic planning, executive leadership coaching, and change management. I tell you all this in the event you know of others who might be looking for my seasoned expertise.