Get Ready! Get Set! Worship! A Resource for Including Children in Worship For Pastors, Educators, Pa

by Sue Lou, Jean F. Love, and others. (Sue Lousley). Geneva Press, 1999.

The authors, church educators, have a strong commitment to preparing children and families for active and meaningful participation in worship and the sacraments. Out of their experience they have gathered a series of studies, learning centers, games, and other resources that will help adults and children in their worship. The activities are centered on worship, the church year, and Baptism and Holy Communion. In the absence of actual testing of the activities, they appear to be age appropriate and multi-sensory. It is “ready to use” (permission is granted for duplication of the worksheets for educational purposes) and could be adapted by denominations other than those of the Reformed tradition to which it is targeted. The number and variety of activities and games make this a unique resource. Pastors and educators who want to introduce children and their families to the joy of worship will appreciate this volume.