Goodyear, Jan


Responded to consultant survey in 2012

Describe the consulting services you provide:
I work with churches on issues such as church structure, visioning, discipleship formation, spiritual gifts, and Christian education assessment

Number of years of experience
American Baptist Churches of Greater Indianapolis for 11 years. I am currently part-time staff with the title of Church Leadership Strategist. I started this position in 2012.

Number of years of experience consulting with congregations:

Qualifications - Please describe your relevant training, education, experience and qualifications:
I am a retired public school language arts teacher. I became interested in church transformation in the1990's. I began reading in that area and attending a number of events hosted by the Indianapolis Center for Congregations. When I retired in 2001, I attended an education conference through my denomination where I learned the basics of consulting. That same year I was appointed Discipleship Partner for American Baptist Churches of Greater Indianapolis. In the next three years I worked with five congregations. I also did two consulting jobs by recommendation of the Center. I wrote a learning pathway on ministry teams and structure for the Center as well.

Areas of specialization:
Board development/governance
Meeting facilitation
Appreciative inquiry
Organizational change
Other: visioning

With which size congregation do you have experience?
100 members or fewer

First Baptist Church of Greenwood
9 months of leading a Visioning Team to identify vision

First Baptist Church of Indianapolis
Partnered with our region's executive minister to work with a congregational team whose purpose was to address serious conflict and move beyond that toward wholeness

Calvary Baptist Church
I am working with this small church in the areas of visioning and discovering a more workable structure to accomodate the vision

Geographical region where you are available
Greater Indianapolis

What else would you like us to know?
I have a passion for helping churches to become missional centers where members discover their spiritual gifts and live out their calling in their communities