Griffith Coaching

Centennial, CO. (303) 809-9335.

"Jim Griffith assesses, trains, and coach's church planters and their emerging congregations. Before coaching full-time, Jim planted and pastored five churches over a twenty-year period. Previous to that, he served as Director of the original Son City Youth Ministry, the precursor to Willow Creek Community Church. Since 1995, Jim has trained over 3000 church planters and their coaches, and conducted over 200 assessments of church planting candidates. He's actively involved in conducting on-site consultations and coaches 15-20 projects each year.

In addition to being the President of The Griffith Coaching Network, Jim serves as the Director of Church Planting Services for Easum, Bandy and Associates, and sits on the Advisory Board for Church Planting at Denver Seminary. Jim's the primary presenter and trainer at CMTC's "BootCamp for Church Planters." [from website 8/2002]

On the EasumBandy website Jim Griffith moderates and contributes to an online forum for church planters.