GVOX (Encore Music Software)


The love of music and music making has driven us to continue to create quality, easy to use, legendary products: Encore, Music Time Deluxe and Master Tracks Pro. We have built the business based on these great titles, and remain competitive in price, support, accessibility and product excellence. We have learned a lot from the past and are looking toward the future with positive plans, hope, and new relationships
Encore is still here and better than ever! It is known as the "easy-to-use" notation software. We have rebuilt a more robust Encore for the most complex of users while remaining simple enough for the novice musician to operate. The printed score is still the easiest to read and now includes a handwritten jazz font.
MusicTime Deluxe has never been easier to use with a solid selection of features for those who do not need all of the features of Encore. It is a very handy piece of software for scores of less than 16 staves and for lead sheets.
MasterTracks Pro is hands down, the easiest to use MIDI sequencer on the market today. It’s so easy to use that it is included in publications for elementary school children yet it’s powerful enough to sequence all MIDI instruments and effects for entire productions with Swiss clock precision.