Halstead Architects

Indianapolis, IN. (317) 684-1431.

St. Alban Episcopal Church used this firm to do a facility assessment. They provide services to those involved in the following sectors: housing, religious, educational, library and healthcare.

From the company's website:

Halstead Architects was founded in 1993 to provide reliable, progressive and community conscious architecture. Our firm aspires to be the stewards of our client's vision while providing responsible, innovative and inspiring design. Our passion is to meld quality design with our individual client's needs and budget. As a result, we lead a collaborative effort, customized to meet your needs.

Our clients are our best resource. They provide us with the vital information and tools needed to help them realize their goals. As architects, we are trained to provide creative solutions to challenging and difficult problems. Regardless of your needs, you will receive our creative and personal attention.

Halstead Architects focuses on a 'general practice' of architecture, enabling our clients to benefit from our diversity. This diversity allows us to keep on the cutting edge of rapidly evolving technology and current project management trends, while affording a consistent level of creativity, which we apply to every project.
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This firm chose not to be listed in the ICC's SSGI resource booklet because they are a small firm and get their business through word of mouth.