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High Impact Ministries is an organization providing resources and training for developing and implementing Student-Led Cell Groups.

A student-led cell group is a group of three to fifteen students from different backgrounds who share a common bond: they meet together for prayer, edification and evangelism.

What is the format of a Student-Led Outreach Cell?

Students invite their peers to meet with them in different homes each week or every other week. Cells range in size from three to fifteen students. A cell meeting lasts about 90 minutes. The format of the meeting is as follows:

Food (15 minutes). This allows the students to connect, relax and get some chitchat out of the way.

Ice Breaker (10 Minutes). This draws the group together, especially if there are visitors present. It also helps the leader discover the emotional condition of the group.

Vision Statement (5 minutes). Each week several key points are shared to further the vision of the cell and inform any new comers what they can expect from the group.

Cell Topic (45 minutes). Discussion of the meeting topic.

Gospel presentation, ministry time & prayer (15 minutes).
How do you develop & train student & adult leaders?

We develop student and adult leaders in the context of a leadership cell. Student leaders and their adult mentors gather weekly in the home of the youth worker. The format is different than an outreach cell:


Ice Breaker. Much more in depth, vulnerable and revealing. Probing questions. This is where everybody gets honest about the real life stuff they go through every day.

Worship (20-30 minutes).

Message. A hard-hitting message with a two-fold purpose: 1. To further disciple student leaders; 2. To apply scripture to the weekly ministry in the outreach cell.


Cell equipping/strategizing. Access current ministry, work through any question and concerns.

Further training.
Ted Stump will be happy to consult with you about how to transition your ministry to a student-led cell group model. He travels nationally and internationally to work with ministries wishing to host a Training Seminar at their location. Please call 1-800-729-6884 for details or check out our Seminar Page for a Training Seminar near you. NOTE: Ted will be presenting a Special Training Seminar in Atlanta, GA from 7pm to 10 pm on November 20th! Call for location. Stop by our booth at the Youth Specialties Conference in Atlanta and sign up for your Free Vision Video and chat with Ted about how you can make the transition to student-led cell groups!

If you have a problem in your group or want to ask a question, please contact Ted or Fran via email or call 1-800-729-6884. Ask for a free copy of our Vision Video!
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