Holy Silence: The Gift of Quaker Spirituality

by Brent Bill. Paraclete Press, 5/1/2005.

In 'Holy Silence,' Quaker minister Brent Bill explores what can happen when people of faith exchange speaking of the Divine for listening to the Divine.

Following a commentary on the lack of silence in contemporary life, Bill explains how Quaker Friends use silence to throw off the outward and move inward into mystical union with the Divine, meeting God not in the outward ritual but in the inward transformation of the heart that comes through sitting still in the presence of another. For those readers who are not Quakers, Bill offers a journey through a Friends meeting, providing a winsome look at what might happen in the minds and hearts of participants as they practice a holy silence.

Bill then offers suggestions for how readers might explore a holy quiet of their own. This book shows how a discipline valued by a specific faith community can enhance the lives of those who do not belong to that society, and would be a valuable resource for congregations interested in exploring what might happen if silence was a greater part of the worship experience.