Hotchkiss, Dan


A Senior Consultant with the Alban Institute, Dan Hotchkiss also serves as trainer, fundraiser, and advisor to clergy and non-profit leaders. His 23 years in ordained ministry gives him a unique perspective on capital campaigns and an approach to fundraising that involves recognition of the importance of mission and vision. The mission of a congregation must capture the imagination of its members in such a way as to cast a vision so people will be inspired to give. He believes in a simple approach of honestly asking for an amount of money that is clearly relevant to the vision. Canvassers must be forthright in meeting with prospects, relating the vision, and asking for pledges. Hotchkiss is cognizant of the differing generational viewpoints that exist in today’s congregations and how this can inform ways in which campaigns are conducted. He has consulted on matters directly related to capital campaigns in the UUA and UCC congregations and on strategic financial planning with a wide range of Protestant denominations. For capital campaigns, a flat fee is negotiated, based upon the role he will play, the size of the congregation, and the campaign goal. Hotchkiss believes that a congregation should be able to keep all campaign expenses, including consultant fees, below five percent of the goal. He has worked with congregations of all sizes, adjusting his role in the campaign to the resources and needs of the congregation. In larger churches, or where the constituency is widespread, it may be appropriate to engage a campaign director (rather than a consultant) who will be on site for several weeks or months actually running the campaign. He does not work in this way, but has assisted congregations in thinking through what they actually need, even if it falls outside the scope of his practice. Hotchkiss has written articles on the interface of faith and money and has recently published a book entitled Ministry and Money: A Guide for Clergy and Their Friends. Additionally, he can assist in conflict management, strategic and financial planning. (From SSGI Resource Booklet, Spring 2005.)