How to Thrive in Associate Staff Ministry

by Kevin E. Lawson. The Alban Institute, 2000.

This book, the result of an extensive survey and study, identifies the best practices of those who thrive in associate staff ministry. Lawson explores eight major aspects of life that influence an associate's sense of personal and vocational fulfillment: finding satisfaction in following God's direction; developing good working relationships with supervisors and colleagues; developing key personal commitments; selecting or developing a supportive church environment; pursuing personal spiritual vitality and growth; developing multiple supportive relationships; strengthening family relationships; and savoring the joys and weathering the storms of ministry. Each of these aspects is explored in separate chapters that include the reflections of veteran associate staff members. Written for associate staff members, the pastors who supervise them, and leaders of the congregations to which they minister, this book will help lead to greater understanding of this growing area of ministry.