Hunter, Robert L.


Robert Hunter, Second Presbyterian Church, was interviewed in 2005 as a part of the center's strategic planning approach assessment. For further information, contact Nancy DeMott.
This resource was used for 2007 Life Together: Thinking and Acting Strategically- Major Grants Initiative. Recommended in "Consultants/Facilitators" category. (From Life Together Resources You Can Use, Fall '07 Edition.)
Bob Hunter was the founding director of the Center for Family Life Ministries at Second Presbyterian Church. He is now the Director of Stewardship at Second. He has experience and is still available to do consultations with congregations related to conflict management/resolution. He also leads a clergy group on systems theory.

Bob is starting to do capital campaign consulting and has been trained at the Center on Philanthropy (shapiro 9/08)

Bob has retired from Second Presbyterian Church. He is doing independent consulting and has formed his own LLC called NeoQuest Group, LLC.

From 2012 Survey (attached)
Experience 25 years

Specialties “Utilizing training in Family Systems Theory, Pastoral Ministry and Counseling, I employ a variety of tools to assist congregations in identifying their opportunities and challenges, then to take the steps to move toward their vision. Appreciative inquiry is a powerful tool I often employ in this process.
Size Congregations all sizes
Regions all of Indiana