Indiana CPA Society

Indianapolis, IN. (800) 272-2054.

Indiana CPA Society
The Indiana CPA Society is a professional association representing certified public accountants in Indiana. The Society has approximately 7,500 members statewide whose occupations range from strategic business advisors to financial consultants to professors to members of corporate management --- and the list goes on.

The INCPAS provides many valuable benefits to its members. It serves as the voice of Indiana CPAs to government by introducing and sponsoring legislation that affects the accounting profession. The Society communicates the responsibilities of CPAs to the general public and other entities, and promotes the benefits of establishing working relationships with CPAs. Additionally, the Society provides many avenues through which members may obtain continuing professional education.

One role of any association is to provide opportunities for its members to interact with each other. Through volunteer opportunities, Knowledge Networks, conferences, this Internet site and other programs, the Society fosters involvement in activities that allow members to communicate at various levels.