Jewish Reconstructionist Federation

Elkins Park, PA. (877) 573-7827.

As an educational association and clearinghouse for Reconstructionist Judaism, the Jewish Reconstructionist Federation (JRF) assists both Reconstructionist congregations and persons seeking to learn more about Reconstructionism. Educational offerings include the recently revised 'Reconstructionist Educator’s Study Packet' and a curriculum resource guide. The JRF’s publications catalog features music offerings, the book 'Exploring Judaism: A Reconstructionist Approach,' and some key position papers on topics ranging from homosexuality and Judaism to the rabbi-congregation relationship. A key publication is the JRF quarterly, 'Reconstructionism Today,' with a variety of articles that can be read online. Through the JRF web site, one can locate by state a congregation affiliated with the JRF. One can also read the most current news events and bulletin board notices. Individuals and groups familiar with and new to Reconstructionist Judaism will find a wealth of information and guidance in this organization and its Web site