Joining Forces: Empowering Male Survivors to Thrive

by Howard Fradkin. Hay House, 2012.

Psychologist Howard Fradkin bases this resource on his work with male survivors of sexual abuse, and his experiences as a survivor, to offer other abuse victims information, exercises, and tools for healing and recovery. The book’s two parts guide readers through a process, including “internal safety,” sharing your story, and the role of forgiveness. One chapter is addressed to the survivor’s partner and family members who have a vital role in a survivor’s recovery. Fradkin believes that healing and recovery is best done within the context of counseling and a supportive community, making this an appropriate resource for small group ministry. The delicacy of the subject matter makes this a challenging resource, yet the prevalence of sexual abuse for both men and women-especially when perpetrated by trusted others, such as clergy-makes this an invaluable resource for small group leaders, clergy, and therapists from numerous religious traditions.