Joseph's Story Educational Software


Your students explore a game landscape –the ruins of Joseph’s Egyptian palace –learning about Joseph’s coat and dreams, his troubles, his faith, his perseverance, and his reconciliation with his brothers.

Your students guide their onscreen character, Robin MacTavish -a young teenage archaeologist. She is joined by her grandfather Sir Dabney MacTavish who’s instructions help guide Robin. Their conversation also guides your students toward understanding.
All the major parts of the Joseph story are in the game. Robin and Dabney ponder their meaning as they encounter them. Extra Bible background and questions are tucked into the game landscape for those who want to go deeper. A navigational menu allows players to jump to any part of the story they want to concentrate on, or visit to play again (or discuss with the teacher). Open our Teacher Notes toggle below on this page for ways to use this CD in a one, two or three week class.

This CD is a wonderful overview of the entire Joseph story, and particularly good as a review once you’ve studied the story a bit, or shown a Joseph video.