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Department has in operation. It is a sentencing option that is utilized frequently by our Judges.  Each year in excess of 3,000 probationers in the adult division, or approximately one third of the total, are ordered to complete CSW as a condition of their probation. This is a tremendous benefit to the community for many neighborhood associations, local non-profit agencies, and faith based organization who are provided thousands of hours of unpaid labor.
The Community Service Program assists with neighborhood clean up projects, recycling initiatives, special events, and festivals. As an example, the Probation CSW program has assisted the Eli Lilly & Co. Day of Caring each year since 2008 through Keep Indianapolis Beautiful.
In 2009, 22,027 hours of community service were completed at Indy Parks, 9283 hours with the Indianapolis Housing Agency, 5679 hours at Goodwill Industries, and 4064 hours at Gleaners Food bank. Since 2004, the Probation Work Crews have maintained 9 medians on thoroughfares throughout the County.
In 2009, a total of 151,834 Community Service Work (CSW) is one of the oldest programs the Probation Community Service hours were completed through the program. At minimum wage ($7.25/ hour) that represents a total of $1,100,796.50 worth of service to the community.
Three Adult Community Service work crews operate six days per week.  Two Juvenile work crews operate three evenings per week and every Saturday. The Juvenile Program, titled RWP, is a victim restitution initiative that allows probationers to work at a rate of $5 per hours for up to 60 hours. The money earned is paid to the designated crime victims from grant funds.  Approximately 250 juveniles participate each year.
Neighborhood associations and non-profit agencies interested in utilizing the assistance of our work crews should complete the Request Form located on this page. You will be contacted by Georgette Sims, CSW Program Supervisor, within one week to discuss further details. Projects are selected on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have any further questions regarding CSW projects, please contact Georgette at

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