Media Ministry Made Easy: A Practical Guide to Visual Communication

by Tim Eason. 2003.

Written in a simple, easy-to-read format that does not assume a background in multi-media, 'Media Ministry Made Easy' provides concrete guidance for churches seeking to start effective media ministries and for congregational leaders seeking to use media in support of worship and mission.

Section 1 explores the reasons for using media, including biblical illustrations. It provides ideas for building a media team and an overview of the necessary equipment for beginning a media ministry. Included is a helpful chapter on copyrights that clearly defines what may or may not be used. Section 2 discusses how to produce top-quality graphics. Section 3 explains Powerpoint and other software that can be used for worship. Section 4 concentrates on video production.

The book includes a computer DVD featuring three practical, hands-on videos that take the user through the primary software tools used in media ministry. The DVD also contains trial versions of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere.

Cautioning churches to hire a consultant to be sure that they get the right setup for their particular situation, author Tim Eason provides the language and understanding to talk to a consultant as well as to develop an idea of what a church's needs are. Appendices supply shortcut keys, considerations for future media, and many links to helpful and free information on the Internet. This book is recommended for any group just considering or starting multi-media ministry in their church.