Media Violence Alert: Informing Parents About the Number One Health Threat in America Today

by Pd.D. Joanne Cantor, Brandon Centerwall, and others. Center for Successful Parenting (CSP), 2000.

The media has come under tough scrutiny because of its influence in shaping out children's views and behaviors. However, there is a glaring lack of education regarding the dangers of violent entertainment and the role it plays in our children’s lives. Experts in the fields of media, medicine and government contributed to this book in an effort to better educate and inform concerned parents, grandparents, teachers and citizens on this issue of media violence.
The national discussion on media and its responsibility is now taking on a more serious tone. This book, a publication of the Center for Successful Parenting, is a forum for those whose ideas and leadership are shaping this discussion surrounding media violence and its effect on societal violence.