Midwest Folding Products

Springfield, IL. (800) 621-4716.

Producer and distributor of tables, stages and risers and their accessories.

Product lines include:

mobile cafeteria tables
folding tables
banquet tables
meeting room tables
training tables
classroom tables
conference tables
activity tables
mobile utility tables
mobile buffet/bar tables
adjustable cocktail tables
table caddies
chair caddies
high-cap, table and chair storage
portable stages
mobile stages
band risers
choral risers

Company info, from website:

With corporate offices and two manufacturing plants located within the City of Chicago, Illinois, Midwest Folding Products is able to take advantage of the world's greatest concentration of industrial machinery suppliers, raw materials suppliers and support services.

Midwest controls the entire manufacturing process from conception to finished product. Because Midwest Folding Products manufactures all major components in-house, we can guarantee our customers high quality, at lower cost with reliable delivery.

Our engineering department is equipped with the latest in computer aided design tools enabling us develop concepts into working models and to final product in a very short time. Our tool and die department designs and builds efficient, production tooling capable of producing high volume component parts with repeatable accuracy.

The manufacturing process centers about the principles of continuous improvement. Midwest possesses a highly quality workforce. Our production employees have been represented by Local #743 affiliated with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Chauffeurs, Warehousemen and Helpers of America for over 30 years and we are proud of the professional relationship we have shared the union and its representatives. With over 275 production employees, averaging more than fifteen years of service, Midwest has a decisive edge over our competitors.

The latest in automated equipment maintains the lowest possible unit cost. Formed metal components are produced with automatic, coil fed, automatic punch presses at high speed. Critical welds are performed with robotic welders to ensure consistent structural integrity and neat appearance.

A network of reliable suppliers ensures a steady supply of raw materials delivered on a "just in time" basis. We rely on established, long-term relationships with several suppliers for each type of raw material to ensure the uninterrupted supply of critical materials.