Ministry and Money: A Guide for Clergy and Their Friends

by Dan Hotchkiss. The Alban Institute, 2002.

There is perhaps no topic that creates more discomfort in contemporary congregations than money and finances. This discomfort, according to Dan Hotchkiss, arises from two primary sources: 1) clergy generally are not trained in economics and 2) American culture has effectively separated money from faith, relegating them to different spheres. The author combines economic theory and practical theology to address both of these issues and to suggest ways that congregational leaders can respond. Reminding us that Jesus spoke more often about money than about any other topic, Hotchkiss encourages a biblical perspective on finances. In addition, he discusses how our faith is affected by our culture’s view of money. He also raises financial concerns for all faith communities to consider—such as linking the congregational budget with its values and perceived mission, advocating and determining fair compensation for clergy, and providing guidelines for fundraising. 'Ministry and Money' is a useful resource and a “must read” for everyone involved in the financial leadership of congregations.