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Membership Management 2000 for Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP helps optimize the synagogue administration process by providing the following benefits:
Public Relations

Public relations is one of the most important functions of your organization. Membership Management 2000 is written with this in mind. Each screen and report is easy to access and comes complete with all the important information to allow you to respond quickly to both synagogue requirements and an individual's needs. MM2000 is not just a passive record keeping package. When used properly it is an active, dynamic way to enhance synagogue life through increased communication, contact and awareness of the synagogue's mission and goals.

The reality of synagogue life today is that there is tremendous competition among non-profit organizations for the donated dollar. Using the many features of MM2000, congregant contact will be increased, translating into greater participation, both physically and financially.

Enhanced Communication

The system comes complete with easy to generate rosters, MailMerge output for personalized letters, and labels for the entire membership or any set of user-defined membership groups. It also facilitates regular member contact for birthdays, anniversaries, donation acknowledgements and yahrzeit notices. And, with PhoneTree Plus your personalized voice message is just a few keystrokes away.

Increased Financial Control

The accounts receivable module is available not only for sending statements and making collections, but it assists in providing management information to aid in budgeting and decision making. There is no limit on how the information is accumulated and/or detailed. Once posted, all financial information is current and available for on-line inquiry and reporting, and all financial data can be password protected. Membership Management 2000 has over 20 statement formats, including a complete self-enclosed mailer. An optional feature allows future income projections for any month or year - perfect for bank loan applications.

Flexible Reporting

Over 200 pre-programmed reports are part of the standard system, and a report generator allows you to create your own reports based on the unique requirements of your organization. In addition, the word processing interface for MailMerge enables rapid generation of personalized letters to groups of selected members, non-members or children.


All primary information is available on-line, on the screen for instant access and data retrieval. Since Membership Management 2000 is a relational data base manager, there is no duplication or redundant input of any member data, assuring accurate and current records.