National Christina Foundation

West Chester, PA. (203) 863-9100.

NCF's Mission

National Cristina Foundation (NCF) provides computer technology and solutions to give people with disabilities, students at risk and economically disadvantaged persons the opportunity, through training, to lead more independent and productive lives.
Every day, across America and around the world, National Cristina Foundation is working to ensure that used computer technology resources that no longer meet an enterprise's or an individual's needs are given a second productive life as a tool for developing human potential.

NCF's Strategic Partner - CompTIA

CompTIA, the Computing Technology Industry Association, was founded in 1982. For more than 22 years, CompTIA has provided research, networking and partnering opportunities to its 20,000 members in 102 countries. The association is involved in developing standards and best practices, and influencing the political, economic and educational arenas that impact IT worldwide.

NCF has been selected as CompTIA's major civic outreach project. We are honored to have the CompTIA Board of Directors serving on the NCF Circle of Leaders Advisory Board.

"We are very proud of our partnership role with NCF and hope to bring more industry companies into contact with the foundation. It gives people with special needs more opportunity to become productive members of our society." - John A. Venator, President and CEO, CompTIA

NCF Special Friend - Vint Cerf, Co-Founder of the Internet

"NCF's programs bring connection and self-expression to people too long isolated from the world. I regularly receive messages from people whose various disabilities immobilize them in the real world, but who overcome these problems in cyberspace with the liberating click of a mouse on the Internet. Here's to NCF's own long life!"
- Vint Cerf, Internet Pioneer