NCD Consulting, Inc.

Indianapolis, IN. (317) 721-1056.

Update from conversation with Pastor Dougans on 8/31/15:
He has moved away from doing demographic research on behalf of the congregation but rather will help the congregation do the research on their own. This is more cost effective and helps the congregation be more involved in the process. The website was not functional on this date but he stated that he would look into it and get it fixed. mb

From the 2012 Consultant/Facilitator Survey (deh 3/12):

See attachment for complete details.

Fees are negotiable and years of experience exceed 19.

Primary service is to conduct demographic studies of a community to answer questions such as,"should we start a daycare," or "should we start a new church," or "what are unchurched people looking for in a church."

NCD Consulting, Inc. provides demographic, leadership and coaching solutions for new church developments and transforming churches. If you need to fax, contact Jim Dougans for fax or efax instructions. Formerly "Dougans & Denison"

Jim has also done feasibility studies related to church schools and expansion.

A copy of the New Church Development Demographic Study that NCD Consulting, Inc. prepared in 2008 for St. John Lutheran Church, Indianapolis, is in the organization file at the Indy Center in the NCD file.