New Tools for a New Century: First Steps in Equipping Your Church for the Digital Revolution

by John Jewell. Abingdon Press, 2002.

This resource is a fascinating new look at the incorporation of technologies such as the Internet, computers, LCD video projectors, and software into worship. John Jewell, director of the media center at the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary, explores both why and how the local church can join the digital revolution to further its primary mission of spreading the faith. For Jewell, the new technologies enhance access to mission fields such as outreach, education, and worship ministries. The first four sections begin with the assumption that the reader has limited knowledge of the new technologies and provide an in-depth discussion of the various equipment and software that can be used by congregations. The sections finish with methods for acquiring the people, programs, and pieces to bring these new forms of ministry into creation. A well thought out chart on page 36 helps define the purpose for which the equipment is to be purchased. One chapter is devoted to educating parents and pastors about effective and safe use of the Internet in the presence of the children of the church. Jewell also maintains a companion Web site ( with current information about the ever-changing nature of computer equipment, as well as links to other Web sites of related interest. Jewell has provided a book that asks all the rights questions about modern technology, with reference to Scripture for support, and provides a sound methodology for answering these questions through good discussion and planning.