Orthodox Union

New York, NY. (212) 563-4000.

As the primary coordinating agency for North American Orthodox Jewish congregations, Orthodox Union provides educational, outreach, and social services in a variety of arenas: kosher supervision (through the Kashruth Department); youth work (through the National Conference of Synagogue Youth); advocacy for persons with developmental disabilities (through the National Jewish Council for the Disabled); political action (through the Institute for Public Affairs); ethical and moral education (through the Pardes Project); Jewish outreach in the Ukraine and Israel (through Project Reunite and the OU Israel Center); synagogue support services; and its extensive website. On the web site one can find a local synagogue; learn about Judaism, Torah, and Jewish holidays; and place a note in the Western Wall. In addition, the web site features a publications page, through which one can order books and tapes. Leaders and members of Orthodox Jewish congregations, and those wanting to learn more about Orthodox Judaism, will find much information and support through this organization and its web site.