Our Gifts: Identifying and Developing Leaders

by David P. Mayer. Augsburg Fortress Press, 2002.

"The church is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to be appreciated," says David Mayer. Congregations that focus on their strengths and abilities rather than their deficiencies and weaknesses can overcome congregational decline. The author provides a simple and practical, yet theologically rich, guide for equipping all of God's people as disciple leaders. Chapters on spiritual growth, gifts discovery, mobilizing for ministry, leadership recruitment and development, and leadership styles are coupled with assessment tools to provide a process for self-discovery and growth in congregational leadership. Biblical reflection and real-life illustrations offer a framework for study and action. This book is designed for use in the congregational setting, but the tools and practical information can serve any disciple leader concerned with the life and health of congregations today. 'Our Gifts' is one volume in the 'Congregational Leader Series' of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.