Password Community Mentoring

Indianapolis, IN. (317) 585-2791.

A not-for-profit mentoring company under the leadership of Dr. Pamela Roto. They provide leadership at youth conferences and workshops.

From the organization's website:

The overarching goal of PASSWORD 521 is to enhance the resilience of at-risk youth by using mentoring to develop life skills, improve psychosocial functioning, and build protective factors into their lives.
PASSWORD 1:1 Mentoring represents a best-practices approach to providing intensive mentoring services to youth.
The primary goal of the Respect Center is to keep students actively engaged in their classrooms so that they benefit from instructional time.
The mission of the PASSWORD Academy is to provide at-risk youth with an enrichment program that offers students the opportunity to develop and practice community integration and adaptive life skills in an academically stimulating and supportive environment during the winter, spring, and summer breaks. "
The purpose of School Holiday Services is to provide students with daily ongoing individualized skill-building and behavior stabilization in academically stimulating environments that promote asset development in community settings.
Password Community Mentoring provides an array of mentoring services designed to help youth receive the most from their education in a classroom setting and develop skills to help them become productive members of their communities. To see more about these programs, just click on the program name on the left.