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"PAXworks has acquired the expertise to build nearly any size, shape, material or location of labyrinth. It is not our intent to be a big,corporate, conglomerate making hundreds of labyrinths for tons of money; we make them one at a time, putting a bit of our soul into each one.
We also arrange and facilitate labyrinth events throughout the country, and consult on labyrinth programs for churches, communities, retreat centers and healthcare facilities.
PAXworks is growing "beyond the labyrinth" to seek, explore and offer peaceful, prayerful pursuits, places, events and products."
- from website.

Paxworks offers a Story Path Labyrinth for use with children. It is a simple three-circuit labyrinth rendered in latex on canvas. Its 12' x 12' dimension makes it a fit for most classrooms, It is designed for use with Godly Play/Good Shepherd/Worship and Wonder Montessori-type story-telling curricula. The center space is enlarged for group gatherings.
The Story Path Labyrinth comes in a backpack with ideas for use. Save $100 by painting it yourself.