Peacemaking without Division

by Robert Gribbon. Alban Institute, 2010.

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No longer available online since closing of CRG.

From Preface:
Issues of war and peace-between individuals, communities, and nations-may seem difficult to understand and impossible to resolve. Where do we go, and to whom do we turn, when family members won't speak to each other? When our neighbors can't resolve their disputes? When our country sends our children into battle? And as people of faith, how do we respond? In a world saturated with conflict, how might we follow the biblical injunction to "act justly, love constantly, and walk humbly with your God"? This guide-based on a workshop developed by the authors and conducted in many congregations-provides theoretical models and practical tools for exploring issues of peace and conflict on the personal, interpersonal, community, and global levels. You and your congregation will have an opportunity to examine feelings, stories (personal and biblical), and ideas related to these issues. In the process, you'll discover your own conflict management style. You'll also find some good conflict resolution tools and advice. Please take a few moments to read the introduction and learn about our authors and sponsors. Then join Pat Washburn and Bob Gribbon as they discuss approaches to dealing with peacemaking issues in congregational life.