Pepper Construction Co.

Indianapolis, IN. (317) 681-1000.

From document "Working with Churches" by Pepper Construction: "At Pepper, we understand the unique factors involved in church construction projects. Pepper has worked on a variety of project sizes from large, new construction projects to small, renovation projects. As church board members and building committee members, our employees have answered the same questions and experienced the same concerns every church faces in a construction project. We don't just know how to build churches,; we know how to work with them. Our approach is two-fold. First, we take a team approach, involving the architect, the church and church representatives in all decisions that are made. Second, we take a leadership role on the project team. Our role ensures our clients receive all of the information they need to make sound decisions, from determining the size of the building to the types of interior finishes. It ensures the church is always aware of the status of the project and the next steps, and that the project is on schedule and within budget. And it ensures that construction adheres to the designs specified by the architect."

Literature from Pepper Construction is in the SSGI file at ICC.