Personality Type in Congregations: How to Work with Others More Effectively

by Lynne M. Baab. The Alban Institute, 1998.

Breadth and applicability make 'Personality Type in Congregations 'a worthwhile resource for any shelf. While most books available on type focus on the theory and how preferences inter-relate, author Baab intentionally uses congregational life as a backdrop for MBTI theory. What is missing in depth is certainly made up for by the variety of situations in which type can be helpful, including stewardship, leadership, pastoral care, and congregational activities. There are relevant guidelines for managing burnout, exploring spiritual gifts, and becoming a more open, receiving congregation. This resource is best used as an ongoing reference guide for the situations in which we often find ourselves: needing to recognize, affirm, and negotiate our personality differences as a diverse people living together in one community.