Praise Buildings (formerly Church Construction Connection)

web resource

This website provides a well-organized annotated guide to resources and specialists in church construction and facilitation. The guide breaks out resources into four primary categories: 'plan it, design it, build it,' and 'supply it'. 'Plan it' resources feature financial and timeline planners, legal consultants, and realtors; 'design it' includes acoustic firms, architects, lighting designers, and interior designers; 'build it' lists project mangers, contractors, and specialists in metal structures, temporary structures, preconstruction, and renovation; finally, 'supply it' suggests experts in electronics, windows and stained glass, and equipment leasing. Within each category, companies are listed by state or by Canadian province. Churches may also find out what their particular denominations offer. With a separate section on resources listed within the past thirty days and a section where web site visitors may register complaints, the site appears to be a comprehensive resource for congregations considering, planning, executing, or evaluating church construction.