Putting the Stewardship Puzzle Together

by David L. McDonald, Nancy E. Muth. Authorhouse, 2003.

Written by David L. McDonald and Nancy E. Muth, Presbyterian ministers and partners in ADVENT, Inc., a stewardship and funds development ministry dedicated to 'developing generosity across generations.' From the introduction: "Stewardship in the church typically focuses in one of two directions. In many congregations it is budget-based.... In other churches stewardship focuses on the 'need of the giver to give.'... Putting the Stewardship Puzzle Together offers a new focus. What motivates members to grow in giving and commitment is VISION.... In addition to developing a vision, designing a comprehensive strategy for communication is an essential element of creating an environment for developing generosity." Putting it All Together focuses on the key elements of vision and communication and deals with "the total funds development process in the congregation: the operating budget, special gifts, capital projects, bequests, and planned gifts." p. x