Reflecting with God: Connecting Faith and Daily Life in Small Groups

by Abigail Johnson. The Alban Institute, 2004.

What do you do when a group of people long to claim the "priesthood of all believers"? What do you do when these people need to explore events in their own and each others' lives and the role that God plays in them? Here is a step-by-step guide for leading theological reflection groups.

After explaining why it is important to ponder theological topics, Abigail Johnson moves into the nuts and bolts of setting up theological reflection groups. She then leads the reader through each step of group facilitation, touching on important elements of the process. (For example, one of most overlooked elements of facilitating any group is the need for ground rules.)

But where some resources might stop at a discussion of small groups themselves, Johnson examines the "ripple effect" of reflection groups on a community. She is experienced enough to know that groups don’t exist in a vacuum, and she realizes that the conclusion of a group does not mean the end of thinking, examining, and questioning.

A reflection group such as the one Johnson describes helps to develop Christians who are dedicated to taking scripture, theological concepts, and the church seriously, ultimately reclaiming them as their own.