Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal, And Delight in Our Busy Lives

by Wayne Muller. Bantam, 1999.

Perhaps one of the most difficult practices for the modern American believer is keeping the Sabbath. In the midst of our over-scheduled, success driven Western lives, the call to slow down and make space for the renewing of our souls and rest of our bodies often goes unheeded. Yet, in this book, Wayne Muller calls us to return to a deep recognition of the need for making the commandment to keep the Sabbath a pivotal aspect of our lives. Muller’s work is divided into seven sections that revolve around issues central to Sabbath keeping. In these sections, he wrestles with the insights that Sabbath space offers to modern concerns such as happiness, time and rest. The final section fittingly offers a suggested guide to keeping a Sabbath day. Also helpful is the way that Muller ends each chapter with a valuable "practice" that fleshes out that particular chapter’s thoughts and ideas. This insightful book provides excellent ideas and suggestions for both clergy and laity who are interested in further exploration of 'Sabbath' keeping. Muller’s writing might be most helpful to ministers themselves who are often quick to focus on providing a good Sabbath for their membership while neglecting proper rest and renewal within their own lives. The thoughts of Sabbath would be well worth the time of small group of laity or clergy who might choose to read and discuss the book and it thoughts together.