SAVI (Social Assets and Vulnerabilities Index)

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Accessed September 1, 2015.

*Central Indiana focus

SAVI is a free resource to help you make data-informed decisions. It provides data about Central Indiana communities, tools to analyze and visualize the data, and training to build your capacity to use it effectively.

SAVI (Social Assets and Vulnerabilities Indicators for Central Indiana) is a website developed and maintained by the Polis Center at IUPUI in partnership with United Way/Community Service Council. The SAVI website allows users to access the Social Assets and Vulnerabilities Indicators database from individual computers. Users can create customized maps and tables and interactively question the database to search for features based on the users own criteria. Searchable data includes race, age, gender, level of education, income, households, occupations, housing, as well as a lists of facilities such as parks, community centers, schools, fire stations, information and referral source providers, religious institutions, liquor stores, pharmacies, etc.
SAVI updates their data at least annually. They curate data from US Census bureau, Public Library, and other databases that are reliably staffed and monitored, making SAVI a go-to site for customizable data sets.
They currently serve the 9 Indy area counties plus Putnam and Brown.
Some of their data is statewide.
SAVI provides training (free) for those who would like a tutorial on using their system. They can also customize information on order. They can do a full -blown strategic planning process as well, for a relatively low fee. Fees depend on how much staff time is required.