Shaped by the Story: Discover the Art of Bible Storying

by Michael Novelli. Sparkhouse Press, 2013.

After a decade of unsuccessful efforts at connecting teens with the Bible, youth minister Novelli hit upon a “new” way that is as old as scripture itself: oral storytelling. This Bible storytelling is more than the story itself, however. Through creative reflection and dialogue, young people are encouraged to find their own place in God’s ongoing story. Especially useful for youth leaders is the section on how to lead Bible storying. Testimonials sprinkled throughout the book describe how others have used and benefited from this teaching approach, while discussion questions at the end of each chapter support individual and group study. The appendix includes recommended books and websites, and an overview of a simple Bible storying session based on Genesis 1 and 2. Shaped by the Story can be used by anyone interested in engaging youth in scripture study or in appealing to a variety of learning styles.