Sharing the Ministry: A Practical Guide for Transforming Volunteers into Ministers

by Jean M. Trumbauer. Augsburg Fortress Press, 1999.

Moving beyond the "fill 'em and forget 'em" volunteer recruitment model, the author presents a new paradigm of volunteer ministry based on the assumptions that each person is uniquely gifted for ministry, that church ministry is shared, and that staff and lay leaders are to help identify, develop, use, and support the gifts of all members. The shift into a new volunteer ministry paradigm takes time; this manual encourages readers to begin with small steps and allow several years to implement a full shared ministry systems approach. After explaining the shared ministry systems model, Trumbauer devotes the succeeding chapters to exploring the model’s processes: planning, discovering gifts, designing, recruiting, interviewing, matching, training, supervising, supporting, evaluating, and managing data. With reflection exercises, sample models, and suggestions for further resources in each chapter, the manual can be used in learning designs for two-session workshops, all-day workshops, or in-service sessions at board, committee, or staff meetings. Readers may also purchase a set of “personal reflection guides” that will facilitate gifts discernment.