Sharing Your Church Building

by Ralph D. Curtin. Wipf and Stock, 2006.

New and fledgling ministries often do not have the resources for constructing or purchasing their own buildings. In turn, church leaders overseeing buildings with available space have a special calling toward serving the kingdom of God-the daily sharing of church facilities with other congregations, ministries, and schools. Sharing Your Church Building is a one-of-a-kind resource that will help pastors and congregations successfully navigate through the changes and decisions that are involved in sharing facilities. For example, church utility, maintenance, and renovation costs quickly add up, and a sharing of such expenses between the church and its tenants is vital. Personality differences arise, particularly with perceptions of turf, ownership, and sense of identity. Communication barriers often emerge when congregations of different ethnicities share a common space. Each of these issues, and more, are explored in this book. Ralph D. Curtin offers management insights related to church sharing, provides specific problem-solving guidelines, and helps leaders from both the host and guest ministries to anticipate problems before they occur. He also lends tools for preparing and educating a congregation on sharing its church building and shares insights on setting healthy boundaries that allow each ministry to prosper.