Shopping for Faith: American Religion in the New Millennium

by Richard Cimino, Don Lattin. Jossey-Bass, 2002.

With a variety of examples and references, 'Shopping for Faith' surveys the changing landscape of religion in consumer-oriented America. Three parts divide the book. The first, "Searching for Self and Spirit," focuses on individual spirituality: its varieties, how individuals look for it, and its relation to science and religion. The second part, "Searching for Community," discusses churches, styles of worship, and the factors surrounding church growth, ministry, and the future of organized religion. The third part, "Searching for a Common Culture," explores the social, political and cultural aspects of religion. Each part is divided into sections that provide an example, summary, and discussion of a particular predictive trend. Here is an example of one trend: "In the new millennium, religious crusades like Promise Keepers may lose some of their fervor, but gender spirituality will have an even broader impact as it is integrated into mainstream religion." In essence, this book presents the authors' views concerning the directions that faith, religion, and spirituality are taking into the new millennium.