Speaking Faith: The Essential Handbook For Religious Communicators

(J. R. Peck). Religion Communicators Council, 2004.

Produced by the Religion Communicators Council (RCC), this manual is the seventh edition of a perennial favorite. Published in conjunction with the organization’s 75th anniversary, this manual is filled with essays and how-to articles by religious communications practitioners. It briefly explores the mission and purpose of communications, then offers information about communication topics and tools: the relationship with secular journalists, graphic identity, photography, do-it-yourself publications design, copyrights and other ethical issues, working with communications consultants, media, the web, electronic presentations as well as strategic communication and communicating in the larger community.Editor J. Richard Peck, a communications veteran, applauds the book and how much helpful information it contains. "I doubted that any new book could teach me anything I hadn’t already learned from serving in the communication trenches for the past 40 years," he writes, "I was wrong." Included are 16 articles and a CD-Rom with additional information, forms, and worksheets.This resource will be helpful to anyone with religious communications responsibilities at any level, but it is not a how-to manual for preparing congregational publications such as worship bulletins or publicity flyers. It would be helpful for those creating newsletters or other story-based publications. For more information about the RCC, visit www.religioncommunicators.org