Spirituality & Health

web resource

'Spirituality & Health' is the web site connected to the magazine of the same name. It introduces visitors to what it calls “spiritual practices for human being”. Readers are greeted with an extensive home page, updated weekly, which includes recommendations for movies, books, and practices that enhance one’s spiritual perspective on contemporary life. For example, at one point there were many listings relevant to coping in a country at war, including books that help teach children about war. An “e-course” on various topics is always available and one may sign up without cost via the Web site. Participants receive a daily educational e-mail. Nearly 40 spiritual practices are listed on the home page (for example: faith, grace, joy, love, silence, and transformation); selecting one will take the reader to several pages of information on that practice including book reviews, movie reviews, teaching stories, spiritual exercises, and links to magazine articles. While the site does provide a place for individuals or congregations to subscribe to the print magazine, there is much available for free, including the twice-weekly e-mail Soul Booster (quotes and suggestions for spiritual practice).