Start Here: Teaching and Learning with Adults

by Barbara Bruce. Discipleship Resources, 2000.

Many churches are eager to meet the diverse Christian education needs of adults, but do not know where to start. Using research on how adults learn, author Barbara Bruce provides an answer. She encourages beginning with the life experiences that adults bring to educational settings, so that learners recognize their competencies and energize their interest in learning more. She explains various learning styles and how to use them in the adult classroom. Every Bible lesson should begin with "What?" (focusing on the information or story given), followed by "So What?" (connecting the Biblical story with learners’ lives), and concluded with "Now What?" (helping learners understand that faith is always in formation). Following this model, Bruce provides questions within each chapter—to help educators think through what they have learned, how their learnings connect with their experience, and how they might change the way they approach learning and teaching in the future. This book will be especially useful to Christian educators and to pastors seeking to assist adult Christians in their faith journeys.